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PEMŪMilitary Specification Reference Guide
NASM45938, MIL-N-45938, NASM63540, MIL-S-63540
Military Part Number Dimensionally Equivalent PEM Part Number
M45938/1-1 S-256-0C
M45938/1-10A CLA-632-1
M45938/1-11A CLA-632-2
M45938/1-12 S-832-1C
M45938/1-12C CLS-832-1
M45938/1-13 S-832-2C
M45938/1-13C CLS-832-2
M45938/1-14A CLA-832-1
M45938/1-15A CLA-832-2
M45938/1-16 SS-032-2C
M45938/1-16C CLSS-032-2
M45938/1-17 SS-032-3C
M45938/1-17C CLSS-032-3
M45938/1-18A CLA-032-2
M45938/1-19 S-0428-2C
M45938/1-19A CLA-0428-2
M45938/1-19C CLS-0428-2
M45938/1-1A CLA-256-0
M45938/1-1C CLS-256-0
M45938/1-2 S-256-1C
M45938/1-20 S-0428-3C
M45938/1-20A CLA-0428-3
M45938/1-20C CLS-0428-3
M45938/1-21 S-0524-2C
M45938/1-21A CLA-0424-2