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SI® Molded-In Inserts

Blind Threaded – Types IBB, IBC


Blind threaded inserts, types IBB and IBC have a blind end, which protects the threads from plastic intrusion.

Self-Locking, Blind Threaded – Type IBLC


Self-locking, blind threaded, type IBLC has deformed threads which lock the screw in place to resist vibration. The blind end protects the threads from plastic intrusion.

Thru Threaded – Types ITB, ITC


Thru threaded inserts, types ITB and ITC include a pilot diameter and undercuts allowing the plastic to flow into grooves, providing high pullout resistance.

Thru Threaded, Knurled Spacers – Types STKB, STKC


Thru threaded, knurled spacers, types STKB and STKC include a uniform knurl diameter which reduces the risk of sink marks. They are also available in varying lengths for injection molding assemblies.