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Recently Released

SI® Lead-free Inserts For Plastics

SI Lead Free

  • Lead-free inserts offer alternative to brass to address environmental active use and afterlife recycling concerns.
  • New lead-free aluminum inserts are 70% lighter than brass equivalents.
  • Stainless steel inserts are typically stronger than brass and may offer better protection from certian types of corrosive agents.
  • All inserts are available for press in, molded in or ultrasonic/heat installation.

Nickel Plated, Series 400, Stainless Steel Standoffs

Nickel Plated Standoffs

  • Standoffs allow for stacking or spacing in applications where corrosion resistance is required.
  • Fasteners clinch securely into stainless steel sheet with hardness up to HRB 88 / HB 183.
  • Available with blind or through-hole threads. Closed threads provide flush appearance on back side of sheet.
  • Nickel plating presents an attractive finish to enhance overall assembly appearance.

SMPP™ Self-Clinching Nuts

SMPP™ Self-Clinching Nuts

  • Installs into stainless steel sheets as thin as .025″ / 0.64 mm.
  • Corrosion resistance similar to 300 series stainless steel.
  • Ideal for close-to-edge of sheet applications.
  • Recommended for use in stainless steel sheets HRB 90 / HB 192 or less.

Flush-head Studs with X-Press™ Thread Profile

Flush-head Studs with X-Press&#8482 Thread Profile

  • Offers fast, reliable attachment.
  • Reduces assembly time.
  • Allows for lighter assembly.
  • Self-clinching stud mounts flush in metal sheets as thin as 1mm.
  • Thread design accommodates paints and coatings without compromising performance.
  • Self-clinching technology is cleaner and has a more attractive finished appearance than welding.
  • Can be installed during th stamping process with PEMSERTER® In-die technology.

ReelFast® Surface Mount Captive Panel Screws

ReelFast® Surface Mount Captive Panel Screws

  • All metal captive screw assembly installs in one piece utilizing pick and place method.
  • Combination drive, Torx®/ slot.
  • Solderable finish.
  • Screw length code "0" retracts flush in up position.
  • Ability to pick and place by nominal nozzle.
  • Ease of installation.

VariMount® Bonding Fasteners

PEM® VariMount™ Fastening System

  • Base plate provides generous footprint for surface bonding or mold-in mounting.
  • Radial holes in base plates encapsulate adhesives or molded plastics.
  • Radial holes accept standard sized rivet diameters.
  • Radial holes accept standard sized self-clinching fasteners.
  • Assemblies can be mounted on front or through back of panels.
  • Self-clinching fastener technology permanently holds fastener to base.
  • A variety of fasteners are available.

ReelFast® Surface Mount Fasteners – Tin Plated Brass Nuts and Spacers / Standoffs

ReelFast® Surface Mount Fasteners - Tin Plated Brass Nuts and Spacers / Standoffs

  • Better corrosion resistance than steel standoffs.
  • Higher conductivity than steel standoffs.
  • Pick-n-place installation provides:
    • Faster assembly
    • Reduced scrap and handling
    • Reduced risk of board damage
  • Reduced loose hardware.

Type T4™ microPEM® TackPin® Fasteners

Type T4™ microPEM® TackPin® Fasteners