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Blind Threaded Inserts

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Atlas® blind threaded inserts (also known as rivet nuts or blind threaded rivets) provide strong and reusable permanent threads in sheet materials where only one side is accessible for hardware installation. For more, click on the "About" link above.

Atlas® SpinTite® Blind Threaded Rivets
      • Low Profile Head - AEL
• Minimized Profile Head - AEK
• Half-Hex Shank, Low Profile Head - AEH
• Thin Wall, Low Profile Head - AEO
• Blind Threaded Studs - AES
• 360° Swaging Low Profile Head - AET, AEW

Atlas® MaxTite® Blind Threaded Rivets
      • Atlas® Brand MaxTite® fasteners can be certified to meet all active pertinent military specifications, including NAS 1329, NAS1330 and BACR16E and F (Boeing).
• Countersunk Head
• Flathead
• Full Hex

Atlas® Plus+Tite® Inserts
      • Pre-bulbed
• Straight Shank

Atlas® FM™
      • Flat Head, Round Body - AEFR
• Thin Head, Round Body - AETR
• Flat Head, Knurled, Round Body - AEFK
• Thin Head, Knurled, Round Body - AETK
• Flat Head, Semihex Body, Hex Counterbore - AEFH
• Thin Head, Semihex Body, Hex Counterbore - AETH
• Flat Head, Hex Body, Round Counterbore - AEFHH
• Thin Head, Hex Body, Round Counterbore - AETHH
• Countersunk Head, Round Body - AECR
• Countersunk Head, Knurled, Round Body - AECK
• Thin Head, Semihex Body, Stainless - AETHC