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10-28-2015PennEngineering® License Agreement With EJOT® GmbH & Co. KG for PT® and Delta PT® Screws For Plastics
10-15-2015New PEM® ReelFast® Surface Mount Spring-Loaded Captive Panel Screws Install Precisely And Permanently Where Designed On Printed Circuit Boards
09-30-2015Uniquely Designed Variations of PEM® Self-Clinching Threaded Nuts, Studs, and Standoffs Allow For Close-To-Edge Placement Where Space For Fasteners Is Limited
09-22-2015PennEngineering® Awarded U.S. Patent For Unique Heat Sink Mounting System
08-11-2015PEM® Self-Clinching Blind Nuts Feature 'Closed-End' Design Providing Protection for Nut Threads and Internal Components
07-29-2015New PEM® VariMount™ Fastening System Mounts To Composites and Other Rigid Materials Using An Array Of Attachment Methods
07-06-2015PennEngineering® Awarded U.S. Patent For Panel Fastener With Hold-Down Ring
06-17-2015Patented PEM® R'ANGLE® Fasteners For Thin Metal Assemblies And Printed Circuit Boards Create Strong Right-Angle Attachment Points And Application Benefits
05-28-2015New PEM® ReelFast® Brass Surface Mount Fasteners For PC Boards Provide Superior Electrical and Mechanical Attachment Points
05-07-2015PennEngineering® Automotive Fastener Co. Ltd. Receives Pinnacle Award From Delphi
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