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Micro Operations / Thread Roll Machine Operator – 1st Shift

Title: Micro Operations / Thread Roll Machine Operator – 1st Shift
Location: Danboro, PA
Job Type: Full Time
Relocation Allowance: No

Job Summary:

The Micro Operations/Thread Roll Machine Operator position is responsible for the operation of the automated inspection vision, heat treat, desmutting and cleaning equipment in the Micro Operations Department. Run a bagging machine as part of an integrated system with the automated inspection machine. In addition, with assistance from the trainer, mentor or set-up person, this position also performs minimal set-ups and operates thread rolling machines that cold forge and thread roll small parts from wire stock.

Essential Functions:

    Micro Operations Machine Operator Responsibilities

• Responsible for the operation of all secondary operations in the Micro Operations Department.
• Loads and unloads parts into the cleaning and heat treating equipment in the Micro Operations Cell.
• Set up and operate vision inspection machines to ensure product conformance.
• Loads automated inspection machines, cleans parts, unwrap skids and moves product to the next operation.
• Read and understand product prints and catalog information.
• Utilizes computer program to view product print.
• Optimizes bowl and in-line feeder settings to maximize productivity.
• Bulk packs parts off of Automated Inspection Machine manually.
• Runs an integrated system consisting of a bagging machine interfaced with an automated inspection machine.
• Participates in team meetings and works well with team members. Actively participates in continuous improvement activities.
• Works with minimal supervision to independently perform the job of Micro Operations Machine Operator in its entirety as assigned.

    Thread Roll Operator Responsibilities

• Demonstrates basic skills in thread rolling operations.
• With direction and assistance from the trainer, mentor or set-up person, performs minimal set-ups and operates thread rolling machines.
• Works from detailed Engineering drawings, process control documents, training manuals, C.B.P.’s and work instructions to produce quality parts.
• Uses precision measuring devices including—but not limited to—micrometers, dial calipers, optical comparators and tri-roll gauges.
• Uses shop support equipment as needed to prepare dies for use in thread rolling machines.
• With assistance troubleshoots machine malfunctions, replaces worn and broken tooling, and makes all machine adjustments necessary to produce parts within specified tolerances.


    Micro Operations Machine Operator

• Prints box and bag labels for product.
• Operates weighing scale to determine weight per thousand or average piece weight.
• Use computer program to obtain lot assignment.
• Performs minor routine maintenance, adjustments and cleans automated inspection machines.
• Utilizes SF9590 to prioritize work load.
• Utilizes power jack and manual jack to move product to proper location.
• Read and understand written work instructions.
• Completes router and Non-Conformance Report, as needed.
• Logs on and off time & attendance system properly.

    Thread Roll Operator

• Obtains correct Job Packet(s) from Cold Heading Tool Crib area, which include routers, part drawings, specifications, and SPC trend charts.
• Accesses correct BOM’s from computer product structure screens located on the shop floor. Obtains correct machine tooling as called for on BOM’s.
• Installs and removes tooling from machines using wrenches and other types of hand tools.
• Detects and reports faulty machine operation, defective material and equipment, drawing discrepancies and other unusual conditions to set-up person or team leader.
• Gains expertise and experience throughout the “C” operator training period.
• Performs limited, routine machine maintenance. Expected to maintain proper machine oil-levels on a daily basis.
• Makes out time, production, and quality reports as necessary.
• Communicates with operators from other shifts to transmit and exchange information pertinent to the work at hand on a daily basis.

Other Duties
• Maintains workplace area in a neat and orderly condition on a daily basis.
• Observes all safety regulations in all duties.
• Performs other duties as required.

Physical Requirements

    Micro Operations Machine Operator

• Must be able to lift and maneuver 35 pounds on a skid multiple times per hour.
• Must be able to lift and transfer 35 pounds at waist height multiple times per hours.
• Must be able to lift a maximum of 50 lbs. from floor to waist up to 20 times per hour.
• Must be able to lift a maximum of 25 lbs. from floor to and above shoulder height up to 25 times per hour.

    Thread Roll Operator

• Must be able to lift approximately 20 lbs. from floor level to waist, and waist to floor approximately 10 times per hour.
• Able to bend, twist, and squat in sometimes awkward positions for prolonged periods of time while exerting force (pushing or pulling) on hand tools used to adjust machine.
• Manual dexterity.

Other Physical Requirements:
• Visual acuity for detailed work.
• Must be able to stand throughout the entire shift, approximately 8-10 hrs./day.
• Must be able to work in an unair-conditioned, well ventilated and/or air conditioned shop environment.

Education / Qualifications:
• High school diploma or GED.
• Good communication and basic math skills.
• Familiarity and experience with reading prints and measuring parts.
• Mechanical Ability.

PennEngineering offers a competitive salary based on experience, an air-conditioned work environment, over time hours, benefits package including health insurance, 401 (k), tuition reimbursement and the opportunity for growth.

Interested candidates should submit a resume and salary requirement. No relocation assistance is available for this position. EOE M/F.