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PEM® PFC4™ Self-Clinching Captive Panel Screws Enable Easy Access to Stainless Steel Enclosures Without Loose-Hardware Risks

PEM® PFC4™ self-clinching captive panel screws from PennEngineering® install permanently into stainless steel enclosures to enable easy access whenever necessary and eliminate risks associated with loose screws. The captivated screw remains reliably in place where designed in a door or panel and will not loosen, fall out, or damage internal components. Expanding their application potential, these spring-loaded fastener assemblies comply with UL 60950 equipment access standards. Continue reading

New microPEM® Flaring Standoffs for Compact Electronic Assemblies Provide Ideal Miniature Fastener Solutions to Attach and/or Space Components

New microPEM® MSOFS™ flaring standoffs from PennEngineering® provide ideal miniature fastener solutions to attach and/or space components in compact electronic assemblies. They install permanently in thin panels of any hardness and material, including stainless steel, other metals, plastics, and printed circuit boards. A unique flaring feature adds value by allowing for installation into multiple panels. Continue reading

PEMHEX® Self-Clinching Prevailing Torque Locknuts Integrate Nylon Hexagonal Insert to Prevent Mating Screws from Loosening

PEMHEX® self-clinching prevailing torque locknuts from PennEngineering® integrate a trademarked blue nylon hexagonal insert designed to prevent mating screws from loosening in service due to vibration, thermal cycling, or other application-related factors. The reusable locking element provides the necessary torque resistance to securely grip mating screws and allow for their repeated installation and removal over time. The primary advantage of this locking method is to greatly reduce the possibility of conductive debris being generated from repeated installation and removal of mating screws. Thread-locking torque performance is equivalent to applicable NASM25027 specifications. Continue reading

Aluminum and Stainless Steel microPEM® TackSert® Pins for Compact Electronics Provide Cost-Effective Alternatives to Screws for Attaching Top Panels in Assemblies

Aluminum and stainless steel microPEM® TackSert® pins from PennEngineering® provide cost-effective alternatives to micro screws for attaching top panels to base panels or chassis in compact electronic assemblies. They will attach top panels of any material to a base or chassis manufactured from common cast metals (such as magnesium and aluminum) or plastics (such as ABS and printed circuit boards). The pins ultimately eliminate many of the costs and issues associated with screws and integrate unique design features promoting reliable and effective performance. Continue reading

PennEngineering Delivers Productivity Gains with its PEMSERTER® Series 3000™ Fastener Installation Press Combined with Collaborative Robotic Technology

Global leader in innovative fastening technologies and solutions, PennEngineering® will exhibit a unique integration of its PEMSERTER® Series 3000™ Automatic-feed Fastener Installation Press and Universal Robot’s UR5 Collaborative Industrial Robot at Blechexpo, Stuttgart, on stand 4313 between 7th and 10th November 2017. Continue reading

PennEngineering® Initiates Patent and Trademark Infringement Action Against Dongguan Fenggang Pinconn Hardware Factory and Enforces Preliminary Injunction Against Pinconn

LAS VEGAS, NV – PennEngineering® (Danboro, PA) has initiated a federal infringement action against Dongguan Fenggang Pinconn Hardware Factory (trading as “Pinconn”). The complaint alleges patent infringement, trademark infringement, false designation of origin, and counterfeiting under United States law, as well as common law trademark infringement and unfair competition.
Continue reading

New PEM® S-RT™ Self-Clinching Free-Running Locknuts with Modified Threads Enable Easier Tightening of Mating Screws and Vibration-Resistant Locking Performance

New PEM® S-RT™ self-clinching free-running locknuts from PennEngineering® feature a modified thread angle enabling easier tightening of mating screws and superior vibration-resistant locking performance in thin metal assemblies. The modified thread formation allows mating screws to spin freely during the attachment process until clamp load is induced during the screw-tightening process. Continue reading

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