What inspired your career path?

I began my journey back in 1998, when I was hired as a PennEngineering® Quality Engineer with the responsibility to set up the ISO Quality Management System and a smaller version of our mechanical test lab for the Asia Pacific Sales office. Due to the dynamics and evolvement of the business, along with the support of the past and present managers and leaders, I was given opportunities to venture into other areas of the business, where I still hold responsibility in today.

How do you stay innovative?

I believe in the old adage, “Stay curious and never stop learning”. There is too much knowledge out there for you to learn and the world, technology, and people are constantly evolving. 1% of a new thing learned daily will accumulate to quite a large knowledge base in your lifetime.

There is an old saying in one of our native dialect languages that says (loosely translated) “Bit by bit, after some time, it will accumulate to become a summit”.

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