What inspired your career path?

I’ve always been someone who enjoys problem solving, designing things, and doing hands-on mechanical work. These interests led me to study engineering in college and earn a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

What is your role at PennEngineering?

I joined PEM® in 2018 and recently moved from my Field Application Engineer role to Global Product Manager. In my time here, I’ve worked with different brands under the PennEngineering® family including microPEM® and Haeger®. And I’ve worked at both our east and west coast offices in the U.S. as well as at our European headquarters in Galway, Ireland

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What are you looking for?

You can search our website in different ways. You can search for inventory or product specifications using the full part number or partial part number. You don’t even need to type the words “inventory” or "product spec"!
Examples of what to type:
Full or partial part number: “S-632-1ZI”, “CLS 632” Type: “CLS”, “FH”, “SO” Website content: “Self-clinching Nuts” or “PEM studs”