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Tech Product Teardowns

  Gaming Systems & Tech Gadgets 

  • Oculus Rift Teardown Summary

The Oculus Rift is a lightweight device that utilizes plastic molding and light metals. Almost all fasteners thread into plastic bosses using high helix screws. Since it is a wearable, weight is very important, hence why the primary use of plastic wherever possible. Most of the components of the Oculus Rift are straightforward enough to disassemble if required.
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  • Phantom3 Drone Teardown Summary

The DJI Phantom 3 is a very interesting, aesthetically appealing device that is part of a quickly growing market. Due to the sensitivity of the electronics used in this drone, DJI seems to allow very limited access for reparability.
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  • Sony PS4 Teardown Summary

The PS4 is a gaming console with complex design, without any visual fasteners used in the frames. The self-tapping screws are widely used to attach plastic and metallic panels. The male threads mated with screws are tapped in Zinc cast panels.
– Throughout its structure, the PS4 uses 94 screws including 59 self-tapping screws, 6 hex nuts and one clinch standoff.
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  • Rear View Mirror Monitor And Color Camera Teardown Summary

Both the rear view mirror assembly and the rear view camera used adhesives and snap locking technology, thus eliminating most of the loose hardware. This allows for ease of assembly and a significant cost reduction.
– The set screw found in the camera assembly can be replaced with an upcoming large TackSert® product.
– Some snap features can be replaced with the TackSert®.
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  • Samsung Gear VR Teardown Summary

Throughout the entire teardown process, we discovered 24 pieces DELTA PT16x4.5 mm pan head self-tapping screws, 10 pieces brass made M1.4 threaded insert, 7 pieces metric profile thread screws and one brass made M1.6 threaded insert in the device.
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