Thinner, Lighter, Stronger Fasteners for Micro Applications  

Go above and beyond the ability of traditional micro screws with microPEM® Tack fastening solutions. This family of fastening solutions are lighter, stronger, and smaller in size – ideal for consumer electronics applications and designed to fit within a smaller envelope with better process control and lower total installed cost compared to other micro screw products. 

 Key Features 

  • Alternative to micro screws  
  • Eliminates need to tap or use threaded inserts 
  • Press-in installation time (1.5 seconds) is less than the time to thread in a screw 
  • Lowers overall total installed costs from the elimination of the following: patch to prevent loosening, threaded insert or tapped hole, driver bits, cost of rework due to cross-threading or driver bit “cam-out”
  • Top sheet can be any material 
  • Can be installed automatically for high-volume applications 

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