• PEM® Europe recognises the need for a circular economy and aims to deliver fastening solutions that enable our customers to develop products that can be shared, reused, or repaired for as long as possible.
  • PEM® Europe supports the right to repair by providing product ranges that enable safe product disassembly and re-assembly.
  • The in-house management of most PEM® Europe capabilities ensures we are not shipping products around the world for secondary/post-production operations.
  • With a manufacturing facility in Galway, Ireland, we manufacture our products near our European client locations to reduce the carbon footprint of product shipping.
  • We source our materials close to our manufacturing locations to reduce the carbon footprint of material shipping.

  • We support our customers in their efforts to produce products with a small carbon footprint by developing long-lasting, functional products and energy-saving installation methods that limit the use of natural resources and energy production.
  • The shipment and delivery of customer orders is carefully planned to be both energy and cost efficient.
  • Production lines are run according to Lean Manufacturing procedures, so electric energy and other valuable resources are not wasted.
  • Our manufacturing equipment is maintained to prevent accidental energy loss and ensure the highest level of energy efficiency.
  • We do not use leaded steel in screw machine production.
  • We protect workers and ensure better air quality in comparison to welding methods.
  • We educate and encourage our workers to make sustainable choices.
  • We reuse, recycle, and regenerate production oil.
  • Our in-house Research & Design capabilities allow us to avoid outsourcing testing and analysis.
  • We’re committed to delivering technology that physically supports devices running smart cities.
Reduce carbon footprint

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