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PROFIL® Fasteners

As a part of the mechanically attached fasteners line of fasteners, PROFIL® high performance fasteners are permanently and securely attached to metal parts or panels by means of a riveting, piercing or pressing process. In addition, we design and manufacture automated feeding equipment for in die press shop applications and assembly line solutions to meet the individual production requirements of our PROFIL customers.
  • Installation in one step, view PROFIL® fastener animations
  • Manual, In-die or robotic installation possible
  • Overall weight reduction
  • Minimum space requirements within the tool
  • Minimum tolerances
  • Simple installation in every work direction (no evacuation of slugs)
  • Joining of high strength steel up to a tensile strength of Rm = 1500 MPa
  • Suitable for a wide range of sheet metal thicknesses with only one nut type (t = 0.5mm – 5mm)
  • Easy and simple tool maintenance
  • All kinds of surface coatings of the sheet metal panels are feasible (no deformation by piercing or riveting)
  • Self-piercing, clinching and rivet solutions available
  • Solutions for a single or multistage installation available
  • Applications in carbon fiber reinforced materials feasible
  • Water tight joints in most cases
  • Dependable solutions for heavy structural fastening applications
  • Body Panels
  • Body Seating
  • Instrument Panels
  • Controls
  • Safety Systems
  • Closures

PROFIL® Fastening Systems

Rivet Nuts Types: RND, RSN, RSF, RSK, REN
Rectangular Pierce Nuts Types: HIP ON WIRE / HIP LOOSE UMP ON WIRE / UMP LOOSE
Self Pierce Clinch Nuts Types: MHN, MHD, A9N
Self Pierce Rivet Studs Types: PFS, SBF, SBK, KSB
Rivet Studs Types: NBR
Clinch Studs Type: EBF
Other Resources: PROFIL European Website Deutsche version of PROFIL information Full line of Automotive Fastening Solutions. Contact Information