PennAuto™ Products PennAuto fastener products offer a unique manufacturing and distribution methodology based on manufacturing of high strength components and fasteners in PennEngineering’s wholly owned manufacturing subsidiaries in Kunshan China. Supported by sales, product inventory, distribution services and customer technical assistance, product is strategically located in close proximity to its global customers. PennEngineering is one of the first companies in the world to develop the ability to manufacture high strength complex components / fasteners in China that meet today’s demanding global automotive quality standards. Using a specialized approach, PennEngineering can produce PennAuto hardware with complex geometry using cost-effective and advanced processes unlike typically employed conventional machining methods. PennEngineering utilizes highly controlled, multi process, high volume production techniques, which involve forming/forging of the basic fastener shape followed by precision secondary turning/machining operations to complete the job. This capability uniquely positions PennEngineering to deliver product at lower cost while achieving the same or improved levels of quality, as compared with Western competitors who are locked into high manufacturing and distribution cost structures. Local service centers provide our customers with personalized service and the assurance of continuity in product supply from operations in China. Externally Threaded Components Banjo bolts Double ended studs Hex bolts Hex flange bolts Screws Shoulder bolts Square head bolts Internally Threaded Components Floating nuts Hex flange nuts Hex nuts Insert nuts Inserts for plastics Lock nuts Pierce-nuts on wire Tube nuts Weld nuts Other Hardware Brake components Fluid handling components Hollow dowel pins Locator/guide pins Ball studs Bushings Compression limiters Double ended rivets Dowel pins Grooved shafts Hinge pins Rivets Shoulder rivets Sleeves 5