PEM® Self-Clinching Fasteners Self-clinching fasteners have provided thin sheet attachment solutions to the automotive industry for over 75 years. The reduction of loose hardware allows for less costly assembly and stronger, lighter designs. Types  Heavy duty, high torque and high tensile externally threaded studs - Assorted head and clinch styles - Grade 5 through 8 and class 9.8 to 10.9 - Thread size up to ½” / M14  Internally threaded clinch and weld nuts  Internally threaded spacers and standoffs Captive screws Micro fasteners Typical Mounting Applications Airbag housing Battery covers Brackets Door trim Grill assembly Mirror housing Sunroofs Automotive electronics ATLAS® Blind Threaded Inserts Blind threaded inserts (rivet nuts) are designed to provide strong threads in thin materials. They are called “blind” because they can be installed from one side of the panel. Access to both sides is not required. These fasteners are ideally suited for tubing, extrusions and other similar types of applications. Types Standard duty Heavy duty High torque Typical Mounting Applications Bumper and frame systems Electrical systems EV battery trays Exhaust system Fuse boxes Mounting to hydroformed tubing Radiators Sunroofs Tool Box PennAuto™ Capabilities  Manufacture by combining complex forged/formed geometries with secondary turning/machining operations 1-die/2-blow to 6-die/6-blow equipment Bolts from M5 to M30, 305 mm length max  Cutoff wire diameter up to 30 mm Other operations:  - Multi spindle machining - Threading/tapping - Grinding - Locking - Secondary machining - In-house heat treatment - In-house plating Metallurgical lab Testing - mechanical, physical, etc. 6