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Literature Files – Metric Only

Metric Only / A4 Size Bulletins
PEM® Fasteners
Catalog Guide 916
How To Use The Catalog
Index 416 Quick Product Locator
ALA 216
Floating Self-Clinching Fasteners
B 916
Blind Self-Clinching Fasteners
CH 1115
Concealed Head Self-Clinching Studs and Standoffs
CL 1016
Self-Clinching Nuts
F 1216
Flush Self-Clinching
FE 317
Miniature Self-Clinching Fasteners
FH 116
Self-Clinching Studs and Pins
K 817
Fasteners for Use in or with PC Boards
LK 113
Self-Locking, Self-Clinching Fasteners
LN 216
Self-Locking Fasteners
MPF 817
microPEM Fasteners
PF 617
Access Hardware
PL 813
Self-Locking, Self-Clinching Fasteners
RA 217
Right Angle Clinch Fasteners
SF 1115
SpotFast® Fasteners
SKF 307
KEYHOLE® Self-Clinching Sheet Joining Fasteners
SK 616
Keyhole® Self-Clinching Standoffs
SMT 807
ReelFast® Surface Mount Fasteners
SO 1116
Self-Clinching Standoffs
SS 416
Fasteners For Use In Stainless Steel Sheets
SSA 516
Snap-Top® Standoffs
TD 517
Self-Clinching Cable Tie Mounts
VM 917
VariMount® Fastening System
WN 717
Self-Locating Projection Weld Nuts
SI® Inserts For Plastic
SI 1017
Threaded Inserts for Plastics
Atlas® Blind Threaded Inserts
AE 917 Atlas Condensed Catalog
Atlas Catalog 417
Atlas Brand Blind Threaded Inserts
FM 915 Atlas FM™ Full Metric Blind Threaded Inserts
AEKC 610 Atlas Type AEKC
AEKM 1011
Atlas Type AEK Monel® Inserts
EN 210
Atlas Elastite™ Nut With Washer
StickScrew® System
SST 416
StickScrew® System
PS 117
Installation Equipment
Individual Product Sheets
PS3000 408
PEMSERTER Series 3000 Automatic Insertion Press
PS3000MB 1209
PEMSERTER Series 3000 Press Multi-Bowl Set-Up
PS2000B 1116
PEMSERTER Series 2000B Press
PS2000XT 1108
PEMSERTER Series 2000XT Press
PS2000 408
PEMSERTER Series 2000 Press
PS2000DB 408
PEMSERTER Series 2000 Press with Dual Bowl
PS4 514
PEMSERTER Series 4 Press
PSP3_MM 408
P3 Press and Micro-Mate Hand Tool
PSPD 705
In Die Feeding System
*FLM 406
Fastener Length Monitoring Device
*QX 1004
Turret Tool System
*QX4 909
Manual Turret Tool System
New Products & Capabilities
S-RT™ 1017 S-RT™ Free-Running Locknuts
SMTSS 517 SMTSS™ ReelFast® SNAP-TOP® Standoffs
HSCB 117 Heat Sink Mounting System
SILF 1216 SI® Lead-free Inserts For Plastics
SONP 1116 Nickel Plated, Series 400, Stainless Steel Standoffs
SMPP 416 SMPP™ Self-Clinching Nuts
FHX 1215 Flush-head Studs with X-Press™ Thread Profile
SMTPF 1015 ReelFast® Surface Mount Captive Panel Screws
VM 715 VariMount™ Fastening System
SMTSOB 315 SMTSOB™ ReelFast® Surface Mount Fasteners
T4 415 Type T4™ microPEM® TackPin® Fasteners
HPF 1214 Fasteners For Hard Panels
TS 1114 Type TS™ microPEM® TackScrew™ Fasteners
THFE 814 Type THFE™ Heavy Duty Studs For Thin Sheets
F4 714 Type F4™ Self-Clinching Flush Fasteners
TSO4 314 Type TSO4™ Self-Clinching Standoffs
TK 214 Type TK™ microPEM® TackSert® Pins
SFN 1014 Type SFN™ Spinning Flare Nut
Other Literature  
FPS 709
AdvancedTCA® Faceplate Fastening
*NASM 313
Military Specifications and National Aerospace Standard

* Available online only