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PennEngineering® Wins Continental (HBS China) 2018 Supplier of the Year Award

DANBORO, PA (April 25, 2019) – PennEngineering, a global leader in the fastening industry, announced that the company’s PennAuto division in China has been recognized as a 2018 Supplier of the Year Award by Continental Brake Systems China. The company was recognized at Continental’s Annual Supplier Conference held in Xiaoshan, ZheJiang Province, on March 15th 2019. Continental is one of the world’s leading automotive tier one suppliers.

“PennEngineering is proud to be a global premium supplier for Continental-Schaeffler, and it’s an honor for our PennAuto division to be recognized by Continental as a top-class supplier. We value their partnership and look forward to continuing our high level of quality and service for this global industry leader,” said Qiang Sun, President, PennEngineering Asia.

PennAuto has been a key strategic partner with the Chassis and Safety Systems division of Continental China since 2009, supplying a wide range of fasteners and precision components globally. They have won various awards each year since 2013 for quality and technical performance.

About PennEngineering
PennEngineering, founded in 1942, is a global leader in the fastening industry. The company’s leading brand, PEM®, has been recognized as the premier product in the thin sheet fastening industry for over 75 years. Our current portfolio of fastener designs and technologies continues to expand and keep pace with the challenges presented by an ever-evolving marketplace.

PennEngineering’s solutions and engineering expertise benefit from our ongoing investments in research, new product development, and strategic locations around the world. We are strongly supported by manufacturing and technical facilities in the United States, Europe, and Asia as well as a global network of authorized engineering representatives and distributors. All are well-equipped to deliver timely, reliable solutions wherever and whenever required.

New PEM® SMTSK™ Standoffs for Printed Circuit Boards Enable Quick Attachment and Removal of Stacked Components without Using Screws

New PEM® SMTSK™ unthreaded standoffs from PennEngineering® permanently surface mount on printed circuit boards to enable quick attachment and removal of stacked components without requiring screws or tools. Their unique barrel design allows for a stacked board or panel to be slipped easily into place and then detached by simply sliding the component sideways and lifting it off. These standoffs will effectively serve to attach and space components either horizontally or vertically using minimal hardware and fewer assembly operations. Continue reading

Onshape Partners With PennEngineering® for Sheet Metal Design

Cambridge, Massachusetts (January 25, 2019)
Onshape, the next-generation cloud CAD and data management platform that speeds up product development, has partnered with PennEngineering, a global leader in the fastening industry, to include PEM® hardware as a built-in standard for its 3D CAD models. Onshape will initially include PEM® brand self-clinching nuts and self-clinching standoffs, and plans to add additional PennEngineering products to its Standard Content library in the future. Continue reading

PennEngineering® Operational Following Fire at Pennsylvania Facility

DANBORO, PA, December 13, 2018 – PennEngineering, a global leader in the fastening industry, today announced its Danboro, Pennsylvania facility is operational following a fire that occurred at the plant on December 12, 2018.

PennEngineering’s safety procedures and emergency response personnel were immediately deployed, and as a result, there were no injuries from the incident. The fire which began at 1:30pm EDT was contained at approximately 2:30pm.
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New PEM® PreTect™ Thread Masking Plugs for Self-Clinching Nuts and Standoffs Protect Internal Threads During Paint and Powder Coating Processes

New PEM® PreTect™ thread masking plugs from PennEngineering® will protect internal threads of self-clinching nuts and standoffs during paint and powder coating processes. The pre-installed silicone masking plugs – supplied already in place – have been designed for self-clinching blind standoffs, thru-hole standoffs, and nuts in thread sizes #4-40 to ¼-20 and M3 to M6. Plugs can be augmented for thru-hole fastener types with a specially engineered stretched polyester film offering thread protection on the side opposite the plug. Plugs and film can be removed easily using a fine tip tool when processes are completed.

All self-clinching fasteners provide permanent and reusable load-bearing threads in metal sheets too thin to be tapped or where extruded or stamped threads would be impractical. Usually installed during the fabrication process – before an assembly would undergo painting or powder coating – self-clinching fasteners become integral components. The new plugs and film ensure that paints or powder coatings will not impact the thread integrity of installed fasteners as assemblies move through production.

The plugs and film can reduce labor requirements by eliminating any need to manually mask fastener threads in advance of coating processes or subsequently clean contaminated threads. They have been engineered to withstand temperatures up to 482ºF and 250ºC and fasteners with the feature can be installed automatically to achieve additional production economies.

Detailed specifications, drawings and 3D models of fasteners with plugs and film, and performance data (Bulletin STP) can be viewed and downloaded for free at