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PEM® Type MSO4™ microPEM® Self-Clinching Standoff Fasteners Mount and/or Space Components in Compact Electronic Assemblies

PEM® Type MSO4™ microPEM® self-clinching standoff fasteners from PennEngineering® enable components to be mounted and/or spaced in compact electronic assemblies, especially suiting applications where space may be extremely limited for attachment hardware. These stainless steel fasteners install easily into thin metal host sheets by pressing them into pre-punched and properly sized mounting holes. After installation, they become permanent parts of an assembly and will not loosen or fall out. A mating screw completes component attachment.

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PEM® Self-Clinching Pilot Pins in Several Variations Provide Solutions for Precise Positioning, Alignment, or Pivot Applications

PEM® self-clinching pilot pins from PennEngineering® are offered in a variety of designs to provide ideal hardware solutions for positioning, alignment, or pivot applications. All install in thin metal sheets and become permanent parts of an assembly. All install easily into thin metal sheets by pressing them into a pre-punched mounting hole of the proper size. After installation they become permanent parts of an assembly. Continue reading

PennEngineering® Enters Into Agreement to Acquire Heyco® Products Inc.

PennEngineering® (Danboro, PA, USA) has entered into an agreement to acquire Heyco® Products Inc. (Toms River, NJ, USA), it was announced today by both companies. Terms of the agreement were undisclosed and no changes are anticipated regarding Heyco’s operations, facilities, and employees. The acquisition is expected to expand sales growth opportunities for both companies.

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PEM® Self-Clinching Standoff Fasteners in Range of Types and Styles Enable Mounting, Spacing, or Stacking of Multi-Panel Assemblies

PEM® self-clinching standoff fasteners from PennEngineering® enable precise and reliable mounting, spacing, or stacking of panels, boards, or components in assemblies. This family of fasteners includes a wide range of types and styles designed for permanent installation into metal sheets as thin as .025” / 0.63mm.
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PennEngineering® Wins Preliminary Injunction Against Three Patent and Trademark Infringers

DANBORO, PA, USA, June 2, 2016 – PennEngineering® has obtained a preliminary injunction against three patent and trademark infringers (collectively “Pemco”): Pemco Hardware Inc., Dongguan Fenggang Pemco Hardware Factory, and Shenzhen Pemco Fastening Systems Co., Ltd. (China). In addition to being restrained from commercializing the infringing products and being ordered to remove the infringing content from its website, Pemco was ordered to transfer ownership of multiple infringing domain names to PennEngineering. As a result, Pemco shut down its entire U.S.-based website.
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Type MSIB™ microPEM® Brass Inserts Provide Reusable Metal Threads to Attach Plastics Securely in Compact Electronic Assemblies

Type MSIB™ microPEM® brass inserts from PennEngineering® provide reusable metal threads to attach plastics securely in compact electronic assemblies. Their unique symmetrical shape will accommodate either straight or tapered holes and eliminates any need for orientation of the inserts during installation. The inserts install permanently where designed into ABS, polycarbonate, and other plastic substrates by pressing them into the host material using ultrasonic equipment or thermal press. Upon installation, they will not loosen or fall out.
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New PEM® Type SMPP™ Self-Clinching Nuts Install with Minimal Footprint in Ultra-Thin Stainless Steel Sheets

New PEM® Type SMPP™ self-clinching nuts from PennEngineering® install permanently in ultra-thin stainless steel sheets and provide dimensionally ideal solutions for stainless assemblies where space for attachment hardware may be limited. A minimal footprint resulting from an overall low-profile design combines low height (.065” / 1.4mm) and small diameter (.220” / 5.6mm) with close-to-edge mounting capabilities for installation in stainless steel sheets as thin as .025” / 0.64mm. Their corrosion resistance will be similar to 300 Series stainless steel.

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PennEngineering® Launches Newly Designed Website With Enhanced Capabilities

PennEngineering® has launched a newly designed website ( introducing enhanced capabilities, unprecedented functionality, and simplified search tools and links enabling user-friendly access to the Company’s entire line of fastener products, installation technologies, and engineering and technical support. The site ultimately serves as a comprehensive fastening resource center providing attachment and assembly solutions for diverse industries worldwide, including general and consumer electronics, computer, data/telecom, medical, automotive, marine, aerospace/aircraft, and general industrial and manufacturing.
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