Experts in the development and manufacture of precision fasteners,
components and systems, specializing in thin sheet attachment solutions.

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Office Address Telephone Fax
Aero-Space Southwest, Inc.
Serves South China)
Room 904, Unit 1, A1 Building
Beauty AAA Garden, LongFa Road
Long Hua Shenzhen
Guangdong China, 518109
[email protected]
86-755 81787874
Bossard Industrial Fasteners Int'l Trading Co., Ltd. No. 229, Hua Shan Road, 20 Bldg Ste D
Wai Gaoqiao, Free Trade Zone, Pudong
200131 Shanghai, China
Edward Wu: [email protected]
86 21 5866 6911 86 21 5886 8587
Hoidan Co. Ltd.
Dongguan Office
Unit 31, Shang Keng 1 Road
Shang Keng Village, Chang Pin Town
Dongguan, China 523563
[email protected]
Hoidan Co. Ltd.
Shenzhen Office
Unit 1801, Hui Zhan Edifice
Jian She Road, Shenzhen
China, 518000
[email protected]
Beijing Office
Room 1919, Jia Mei Center Office Bldg.
Building 2
Beijing Guangshun South St, 16th Court
Wang Jing, Chaoyang District
Beijing 100102
[email protected]
86-10-8478-4545 86-10-6479-5452
Changzhou Office
No. 01, Fuqiang Road
Xuejia Industrial Park
Changzhou, Jiangsu 213125
[email protected]
86-135-8430-0235 86-519-8512-9813
Qingdao Office
Room 517
Qingdao University Science Park
No. 306-A, Ning Xia Road
Qingdao, Shandong 266071
[email protected]
86-532-8576-5195 86-532-8576-9270
Shanghai Office
4th Floor
No.209 Tai Gu Road
Wai Gao Qiao Free Trade Zone
Shanghai, 200131 China
[email protected]
(8621)5868 3688 (8621)5868 3988
Shenzhen Office

Block B, Room 1708 Meilin Zhuoyue City Phase II
126 Zhong Kong Road
Futian, Shenzhen
China 518049
[email protected]
Patrick's direct 2810 2129
Suzhou Office
Unit 706, Sovereign Building,
8 Su Hua Rd, Suzhou Industrial Park
Suzhou, Jiangsu, 215021
[email protected]
86-512-6287-7137 86-512-6287-7138
Wuxi Office
Room 603, No.22 Xu Kang Li
New District, Wuxi, Jiangsu
[email protected]
86-510-8211-0891 86-510-8211-0891
Zhuhai Office
No. 8, Room 501, Unit 2
Yi Li Ming Men Hua Yuan
Dou Men District
[email protected]
86-75-6515-2900 86-75-2770-7975