Conan Shen, PennEngineering®

I felt I had a lot of power “steering” my career path. I was able to find a position that suits me, and the company supported that journey.

Conan Shen, PennEngineering®

I like working at a forward-thinking company that challenges me and respects what I bring to the table. And it’s a pleasure to work with a team that I really like and admire. They are all highly skilled marketing professionals who bring a combination of expertise, talent, and knowledge to the company.

Sandy Granich, PennEngineering®

Art Director

I enjoy working at PennEngineering® because it plays an integral role in the global supply chain of cutting edge and impactful technology: Electric Vehicles, Renewable Energy, Consumer Electronics, and many more. Also, PennEngineering® provides employees with a wide latitude of opportunities to develop skills in varied business environments.

Alex How, PennEngineering®
Eric Xing, PennEngineering®

Welcome to a company with great potential and social responsibility. You will get development space and platform here, at the same time, you will encounter more challenges and create more value and achieve your goals.

Eric Xing, Kunshan, China, PEM®

Product Design Manager

I like working at PennEngineering® because everyone is very helpful and welcoming, especially when you are first starting out. I was never afraid to ask questions and was able to learn quickly.  

Kelsey Philipps, PennEngineering®

Working here means everything to me. I am a single mother and I raised my two boys on my own. PennEngineering is always willing to work with their employees. They were very accommodating for me and the flexibility help with my schedule.

Marilyn Huynh, Danboro

Quality Technician


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PennEngineering™ Rotational Development Program

Developed to help seniors in college explore opportunities, our best-in-class development program allows selectees to rotate through three lines of business. We encourage any current Engineering students to learn more.

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