• Wearables
  • Laptops
  • Tablets/Readers
  • Cell/Smart Phones
  • Gaming/Hand Held Devices
  • Infotainment
  • Automotive Electronics
  • Thread code as small as M0.8
  • Pin diameters as small as 0.7mm
  • Standoff lengths as short as .028" / 0.7mm
  • Clinches flush into sheets as thing as .012" / 0.3mm
  • Attach sheets as thin as .008" / 0.2mm. Parts for smaller and/or thinner applications can be designed.

microPEM® Products

microPEM® FlexTack™ Fasteners

Designed to increase vertical installation in designs

  • Alternative to using micro-screws, eliminating the need to tap or use threaded inserts.
  • Installation time to simply press the part in (1.5 seconds) is less than the time to thread a screw in, equals less total installed cost.
  • The Belleville-shaped head allows for stack-up tolerance relief in a design.
  • Lowers overall total installed costs from the elimination of the following: patch to prevent loosening, threaded insert or tapped hole and driver bits, cost of rework due to cross-threading or driver bit “cam-out”

microPEM® ClampDisk® Fastener

  • Clamp load generation.
  • Simple installation.
  • Removability.
  • Works with multiple panels of any material.
  • Limited installation stress to assemble.

microPEM® TackSert® Type TK™ Pins

  • Secure panels to common magnesium die casting materials such as AZ91D.
  • Appropriate for attaching panels to plastics such as ABS.
  • Simple, press-in installation. Does not require heat or ultrasonics.
  • Alternative to micro screws, eliminating many of the costs associated with threaded hardware.
  • Top sheet can be any material.
  • Low-profile head.

microPEM® Self-Clinching TackPin® Fasteners

Designed for Sheet-to-Sheet Attachment

  • Replaces and reduces costs associated with screws, welds, and adhesives.
  • Attaches top sheets as thin as 0.2 mm/ .008″.
  • Clinches into base panel as hard as HRB 45 / HB 84.
  • Tapered and interference fit minimize hole tolerance issues.
  • For use in stainless steel and higher strength aluminum alloy sheets.

microPEM® Self-Clinching TackScrew™ Fasteners

Designed for Sheet-to-Sheet Attachment

  • Simple, press-in installation for secure attachment.
  • Twist out (unscrews) if removal is necessary.
  • Replaces micro screws, eliminating installation issues.
  • If removed, fastener can be reinstalled one time using permanent thread locking adhesive.
  • Can be installed automatically for high volume applications.

microPEM® Self-Clinching Locating Pins

Install Into Thin Sheets For Locating/Positioning Applications

  • Smallest diameter: 1 mm / .040″.
  • Shortest length: 2 mm / .080″.
  • Minimum sheet thickness: 0.5 mm / .020″.
  • Maximum sheet hardness: HRB 92.
  • Fastener material: steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Types MSO4™ / MSOFS™ microPEM® Standoffs

MSO4™ self-clinching installation

  • Smallest thread size: M1.0 / #0-80.
  • Shortest length: 1 mm / .040″.
  • Minimum sheet thickness: 0.3 mm / 0.012″.
  • Maximum sheet hardness: HRB 88.
  • Fastener material: Steel, Stainless steel, aluminum

MSOFS™ flaring installation

  • Smallest thread size: M1.0 / #0-80.
  • Shortest length: 2 mm / .093″.
  • Sheet thickness: 0.2 – 0.3 mm / 0.008 – 0.012″.
  • Maximum sheet hardness: None, use any panel
  • Fastener material: stainless steel.

microPEM® SMT Spacers 

Attaches to P.C. Board for Nut/Spacer applications

  • Hex shaped barrel provides larger solder area.
  • Provided on tape and reel.
  • Reduces board handling.
  • Smallest thread size: M1 / #0-80.
  • Minimum sheet thickness 0.5 mm / .020″.
  • RoHS compliant.

microPEM® Screws

  • Smallest thread size: M0.8.
  • Shortest length: 1 mm / .039″.
  • Fastener material: steel, stainless steel and aluminum.
  • Driver types: TORX®/TORX Plus® / cross-recess / internal hex.
  • Head styles: flat head / pan head / socket-head / wafer-head.
  • Special features: Locking patch, REMFORM®, TAPTITE 2000®, FASTITE 2000®, PT® and DELTA PT®.
  • Platings: zinc, nickel, black nickel and black oxide.

microPEM® Threaded Inserts

  • Threads as small as M1.
  • Designed for use in straight or tapered holes.
  • Symmetrical design eliminates the need for orientation.
  • Provides excellent performance in wide range of plastics.
  • Fastener material: brass / aluminum / stainless steel.
  • Styles: ultrasonic, thermal press in.

Cost Saving microPEM® Fasteners

What are your costs to design in a screw?

Are these variables less than $7 per 1,000-$12 per 1,000?

TackPin® may be the answer.

View the side by side comparison of TackPin™ and screw installation.

microPEM® Nuts and Standoffs simplify attachments

Photo of SMTSO attachment


microPEM® SMTSO Surface Mount Micro Fasteners simplify attachment.

Photo of detail of MSO4 standoff

MSO4 Standoff Replaces Weld Fasteners

M1.4 standoff clinched into 0.4mm / .016″ stainless.

microPEM® TackSert® Fasteners

Screw or swaged pin could be converted to a TackSert™ reducing installation complexity

TackSert illustration
TackSert illustration
TackSert illustration

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