At PennEngineering®, we understand the technicalities of fastening can be complicated, whether it’s knowing what PEMⓇ brand fasteners to use or what methods to apply during your design process.

To help you with your project design goals, we offer fully accessible fastener engineering and design support. This article will cover:

Expert Technical Support ー At a Time Best for You

Offering full flexibility depending on your time zone, location and preference, we're here to help. From technical troubleshooting to application engineering support, connect virtually with a PEM® fastening expert anytime, from anywhere with our consultation services.

Our Virtual Consult services offer: 

To get started, schedule an appointment with our experts today and enhance your fastening knowledge.

Widen Your Industry Knowledge With Our FastenerSeminars™

As experienced senior engineers, we know the best fastener application process for your design project. With our comprehensive range of FastenerSeminar™ choices, you’ll find a lesson that suits your needs the most. 

When signing up to our free classes, our fastening experts will walk you through theory, best practices for fastening solutions, application examples and more. You’ll learn how to test and evaluate your fastening designs with support from PEMedge™ services and learn how to choose the best installation and assembly solution for your applications. 

Examples of classes we include as standalone lessons are: 

To learn more about our expanding list of insightful classes, visit our FastenerSeminar™ page to register your interest.

Commonly Asked Questions About Our Fastener and Design Support 

Have a question about our fastener engineering and design support services? It could be included in the FAQ below: 

What Can I Discuss in a Virtual Consult?

Providing ultimate flexibility, you can talk to us about anything regarding fastening and design application. We provide valuable consultation on the type of fastener you need, the application process and your specific project. 

How Many FastenerSeminars™ Are There

A wide variety of classes are available and due to popular demand, our list is growing. To see the complete list of current classes available, download our FastenerSeminars™ brochure.

What Can I Expect to Learn About in One of Your FastenerSeminars™?

By participating in our classes, you’ll gain valuable industry knowledge on how to apply fasteners seamlessly and what processes to follow in the selection, application and design of your project. Our experienced senior experts ensure you’re provided with accurate and tailored information on fastener engineering.

What Makes PEM® the Most Reliable Fastener Provider to Seek Consultation From?

To ensure full technical accuracy, we employ the most experienced senior experts to lead our support services. Our innovative fastener solutions are integral to all industries and we know how they should be used and applied.

Of course, if you have any questions that aren’t included above, don’t hesitate to reach out to a member of our team. 

Ensure Project Success With Our Design Engineer’s Fastener Guide 

PEM® brand fasteners have been industry-leading for over 80 years and continue to expand globally with fastener innovation. Our various fastener solutions include self-clinching, broaching, flaring and surface mount technology. 

By utilising our fastener engineering and design support services, our solutions can be applied to all projects for fast and effective installation. To help you even further, we’ve created a helpful guide to help you choose the proper fastener to ensure success in your design. Download your copy below to learn more.

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