PennEngineering® is a registered user of the China Automotive Material Data System (CAMDS). China Automotive Material Data System is a product data management platform for implementing the “Recycling and Reutilization Policy of Automotive Product”, carrying out the certification of recoverability rate and prohibited/restricted substance and improving the recoverability rate of China automotive material. CAMDS provides a solution to trace the chemical composition of auto parts in the whole supply chain for the China automotive industry and improves the scrapping and recycling level of component material of China auto products. For more information go to

PennEngineering can enter parts into the CAMDS upon request. Our preference is to enter parts directly into the CAMDS rather than using the AIAG Compliance Connect™ spreadsheet. Requests for each entry should include the following:

PennEngineering CAMDS ID number:

Kunshan, China Facility: CA_3_49805

To request an entry or ask a question please E-mail [email protected]



部品番号の全体または一部を使った検索:「S-632-1ZI」、「CLS 632」 型式による検索:「CLS」、「FH」、「SO」 サイトコンテンツの検索:「セルフクリンチングナット」、「PEMスタッド」