The TORX® Drive System has become the world’s leading high-performance drive system for threaded assemblies in a broad range of applications and end-use markets due to its clear advantages in numerous assembly situations. Qualified licensed manufacturers apply TORX® drive system for applications in automotive, industrial, electronics, aerospace, and other markets. View 2015 Licensee Certification

Torx and TorxPlus


The TORX PLUS® Drive has consistently outperformed every other drive system. Its longer tool life and optimal torque transfer have enhanced product reliability, increased productivity and reduced total assembly costs on assembly lines in a multitude of industries around the world. View 2015 Licensee Certification.

TORX® / TORX PLUS® are trademarks of Acument Global Technologies Inc.



部品番号の全体または一部を使った検索:「S-632-1ZI」、「CLS 632」 型式による検索:「CLS」、「FH」、「SO」 サイトコンテンツの検索:「セルフクリンチングナット」、「PEMスタッド」