PEM® Brand Nuts for Sheet Metal

PEM® AC™ Floating Nuts
PEM® B™ Blind Nuts
PEM® S™ Standard Profile Nuts
PEM® F™ PEMSERT® Self-Clinching Flush Nuts
PEM® LK™ All Metal Locking Thread Nuts
PEM® PL™ Nylon Insert Locking Thread Nut
PEM® RAS™ R'ANGLE® Fasteners
PEM® SFN™ Spinning Flare Nut
PEM® RT™ Free-Running Locknuts
PEM® FE™ Miniature Self-Clinch Nuts

PEM® Brand Studs For Sheet Metal

PEM® FH™ Flush-Head Studs
PEM® CFHC™ Concealed Head Studs
PEM® HFH™ Heavy Duty Studs
PEM® FHX™ Flush-Head Studs with X-Press™ Thread Profile

PEM® Brand Standoffs

PEM® SO™ Self-Clinching Standoffs
PEM® SKC™ KEYHOLE® Standoffs
PEM® SSA™ SNAP-TOP® Standoffs
PEM® KFE™ Broaching Standoffs

PEM® Brand Captive Hardware

PEM® PF11MF™/PF12MF™ Flare Mounted Captive Panel Fasteners
PEM® PF11™/PF12™ Captive Panel Screws
PEM® PF30™/PF31™ Low Profile Knob, Spring Loaded, Captive Panel Screws
PEM® PFC2™/PFS2™ Screw Head, Spring Loaded, Captive Panel Screws
PEM® PF11MW™/PF12MW™ Flare Mounted, Floating Captive Panel Screws

PEM® Brand Fasteners for Sheet to Sheet Attachment

PEM® Brand SpotFast® Fastener

microPEM® Fasteners

microPEM® ClampDisk® Fastener
Comparison of microPEM® TackPin® Fastener to Screw Installation
microPEM® MSO4™ Self-Clinching Standoffs
microPEM® MPP™ Self-Clinching Pins
microPEM® TK™ TackSert® Pins

PEM® Magnetic Release Fasteners

PEM® Ghost™ Fastening Technology

PEM® Current Carrying Fasteners

PEM® eConnect™ Pin

PEM® Brand Fasteners for Castings and Soft Metals

PEM® CastSert™ Threaded Insert

SI® Threaded Inserts for Plastic

SI® Heat Staking Inserts For Plastics
SI® Ultrasonic Inserts For Plastics
SI® Molded-In Inserts for Plastics
SI® Press-In Inserts for Plastics


ATLAS® SpinTite® and MaxTite® Installation

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