Today PennEngineering® offers the most comprehensive line of automatic and manual machines and in-die installation systems designed to safely, reliably, accurately, and quickly install the complete range of PEM® fasteners.

Fastener Installation Machines

Haeger® 824™ OneTouch™ 5e

  • 4 Station Automatic Lower Tool Changer
  • 4 Station Automatic Upper Tool Changer
  • Fast & Easy Tooling Setup
  • Easy Programming
  • Energy Saving

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Haeger® 824™ OneTouch™ 5e LITE

  • Faster Tooling Setup
  • Faster Programming
  • Best Operator Ergonomics
  • 2 Automatic Upper Stations
  • Energy Saving

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Haeger® 824™ WindowTouch® 5e

  • Faster Tooling Setup
  • Best workpiece accessibility
  • Faster Programming
  • Best Operator Ergonomics
  • Energy Saving

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Haeger® 824™ MSPe

  • 72kN (8 ton) ram force and 24 inch throat depth
  • Energy Efficient
  • Patented Safety System
  • Tooling Protection System and Batch Counter

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Haeger® 618™ MSPe

  • 53kN (6 ton) ram force and 18 inch throat depth
  • Energy Efficient
  • Patented Safety System
  • Tooling Protection System and Batch Counter

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PEMSERTER® Series 4® Machine

  • 53kN (6 ton) installation force
  • Large 18" throat depth
  • 100% pneumatic with short cycle time for increased productivity
  • Requires shop air only

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  • Reduction of the total installation cost. Fasteners are installed in the primary stamping process and any secondary operations are eliminated
  • Reducing work in process (WIP) and boosting throughput
  • Moving to zero quality costs during the stamping process. Fasteners' presence is verified at various stages during installation
  • Reduced capital expenditure (CAPEX)

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  • Equipped with punches and dies to punch fastener mounting holes in metal sheets
  • Changes to flat punch and recessed anvil to easily install unified or metric self-clinching nuts
  • Ideal for prototype shops or short production runs

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Installation Selector Guide

Installation EquipmentMax. ForceThroat Depth
Automatic Feed
Haeger® 824™ OneTouch™ 5e72kN (16,000 lbs.)61cm (24")
Haeger® 824™ OneTouch™ 5e LITE72kN (16,000 lbs.)61cm (24")
Haeger® 824™WindowTouch® 5e72kN (16,000 lbs.)61cm (24")
Haeger® 824™ MSPe72kN (16,000 lbs.)61cm (24")
Haeger® 618™ MSPe53kN (12,000 lbs.)45,7cm (18")
Manual Feed
PEMSERTER® Series 4® Machine53kN (12,000 lbs.)45,7cm (18")
PERSERTER® MICRO-MATE® Tool2kN (5,000 lbs.)4,5cm (1,75")

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