President of PennEngineering® Fastening Technologies Europe & Global Operations Director of Haeger® Machine Division

Tell us about your career journey at PennEngineering®

34 years ago, I joined Precision Steel as a receptionist. Armed with a love of learning, hard work, and determination, I worked my way up through 10 different roles, to where I am today.

In 2001, Precision Steel was purchased by PennEngineering®, after which I was promoted to the role of Managing Director for PEM® Europe. This coincided with the completion of my MSc Masters in Management Practice, in Trinity College Dublin, where my final-year thesis became the roadmap for the strategic restructuring of PEM® Europe. With the support of the board, I began implementing strategic changes, creating a move ‘up the value chain’ by adding R&D, sales, supply chain, warehouse, applications engineering, heat treatment, and plating to the business. This structural reengineering secured the longevity of the business in Ireland and laid the foundation for sustainable long-term growth. This pivotal point in PEM® Galway’s history led to significant investment in equipment, buildings, and people. The workforce has grown from 80 people in 2001 to over 200 today.

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