Galway 25th Oct 2023: Manufacturers working with soft metals and die-cast alloys now have an innovative, time & labour-saving solution to create strong, durable metal threads. PEM® introduces the 300 series stainless steel CastSert™ inserts, designed for quick, reliable, and cost-effective installations.

Precision Engineering for Efficiency:

The PEM® 300 series stainless steel CastSert ™ inserts revolutionize installing durable threads into casted materials, offering a simple press-in technique. Unlike helical inserts requiring panel preparation, CastSert™ inserts are installed by simply pressing into an ‘as-cast’ or drilled hole. This rapid installation method, using a flat punch and anvil, outpaces traditional methods by approximately 80%.

Key Features:

"The PEM® CastSert™ inserts represent a breakthrough in fastening technology, offering manufacturers a superior solution for creating robust threads in soft metals and die-cast alloys," according to Jay McKenna, Global Technical Marketing Manager at PennEngineering. "With their quick and efficient installation process, these inserts provide a significant advantage in terms of both time and cost savings."

PEM® remains committed to delivering innovative solutions that enhance manufacturing efficiency and reliability. The 300 Series Stainless Steel CastSert™ inserts are yet another example of their dedication to excellence in fastening technology.

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About PEM®: 

PEM® is a leading innovator and manufacturer of fastening solutions for industries worldwide. With a focus on precision engineering, PEM® delivers cutting-edge products that improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance reliability in manufacturing and assembly processes.

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CastSert™ Image:

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European Marketing Manager

PEM Europe

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