Rotary Standoff

The new microPEM® Concealed Rotary Standoff technology from PennEngineering® allows fasteners to be installed into thin sheet metal at a low axial force – keeping one side of the panel aesthetically clean with no or minimal markings – while still providing strong pull-out and torque-out resistances. 

microPEM® Concealed Rotary Standoff Technology At-a-Glance    

  • New, innovative standoff installation technology  
  • Enables a clean, smooth aesthetic by installing into a thin, cosmetic-faced panel 
  • Low axial installation force allows the side of the sheet opposite installation to remain smooth and unmarred  
  • Concealed-head 
  • Will not loosen or fall out 
  • Can be installed into sheets as thin as 0.020”/0.5mm* 
  • Thin flange for installation into thin panels 
  • Notches in flange for torque-out resistance 
  • Rotary installation allows for fastener to be made of most materials 
  • Chamfer to allow lead into blind hole 

*Cosmetic marking may occur when using rotary install on very thin panels. Please contact your PEM® representative to discuss the specific aesthetic needs and technical requirements of your application. 

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