micropem® tackpin®

What are your costs to design a screw?

  • Cost of screw
  • Cost of patch to prevent loosening
  • Cost of threaded insert or tapped hole
  • Cost of installation time - screw vs press
  • Cost of rework due to cross-threading
  • Cost of driver bits
  • Cost of rework due to driver bit “cam-out”
  • Is this less than $7k-12k?

TackPin® vs Screw

TackPin® vs Screw


  • Low-profile head
  • Interference fit eliminates hole tolerance
  • Tapered tip assists location
  • Positive engagement, 360 degree metal contact that will not loosen
  • Less weight


  • Costly tapping
  • Cross-threading
  • Torque control
  • Vibration back-out

Leather Cell Phone Case

No space is available for loose screws so a T4 TackPin® was used.

Highly cosmetic finish on the anodized aluminum buttons protected by coordinating both the fastener design and the install process.

PCB to Copper Busbar

TackPin® replaced adhesive.

TackSert® Pins

  • Cost-saving, Permanent, and Tamper-evident Screw Replacement
  • Suitable for installation into plastics, metal castings and other brittle materials
  • Reduce installation time vs a screw
  • Simple press installation, does not require heat or ultrasonics
  • Low profile head provides space savings
  • Tapered tip aligns fastener in hole
Consumer Electronics

Credit Card Reader

This customer was looking to streamline their card-reader dongle. Their new reader is 50% thinner than their original reader. One of the ways they were able to accomplish this was by eliminating two screws. This plastic reader is never repaired; it is simply replaced. Therefore, there is no need for a removable screw, and now their product is thinner, and easier to assemble.

Other microPEM® Fasteners

MPP™ microPEM® Pin

  • Satisfies micro positioning and alignment requirements with pin diameters as small as .40” / 1.0mm
  • Flush installation into materials as thin as .020” / 0.5mm and as hard as HRB 92 / HB 195 such as stainless steel
  • Made from A286 excellent corrosion resistance
  • Chamfered end eases mating hole alignment
  • RoHS compliant

MSO4™ microPEM® Standoff

  • Thread sizes from M0.8
  • Made from heat-treated 400 Series Stainless Steel. Stronger threads than weld standoffs
  • Installs into materials with a maximum hardness of HRB 88 and as thin as 0.3mm / .012”
  • Lengths as short as 0.7mm or .028”
  • Round, knurled head for close centerline to edge placement

microPEM® MSOFS™ Standoff

  • microPEM® MSOFS™ flaring standoffs attach permanently in panels as thin as .008” / 0.2mm of any hardness, including stainless steel
  • Can be installed into any type of panel, including metal, plastic and P.C. Board
  • Flaring feature allows for installation into multiple panels
  • Small footprint allows for reduced centerline-to-edge designs
  • Threads as small as M0.8

microPEM® SMTSO™ Standoffs

  • Thread sizes from M0.8
  • Steel and Brass material choices
  • Electro-Plated Tin
  • Sold on Tape-And-Reel or loose
  • Hex body for additional strength

microPEM® ClampDisk® Fastener

  • Clamp load generation
  • Simple installation
  • Removability
  • Works with multiple panels of any material
  • Limited installation stress to assemble
  • Tamper-evident


  • Thread sizes from M0.8
  • Brass, Stainless Steel, Aluminum material choices
  • Ultrasonic or Heat-stake installation


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