In a market driven by quality and sustainability, the choice to invest in products 'Made in Europe' brings advantages often overlooked. European fasteners and installation equipment, renowned for craftsmanship and superior standards, offer meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to durability.

Notably, these European products adhere to strict ethical and environmental guidelines, promoting safety and eco-friendly production methods. Supporting European manufacturing not only boosts local economies and preserves jobs but fosters innovation and champions sustainability efforts, aligning with eco-conscious consumer priorities.

One key advantage lies in the transparency of sourcing and manufacturing processes within Europe, for Europe. This transparency not only enhances consumer confidence but also reduces carbon footprints due to shorter transportation distances. This aspect is particularly significant as it aligns with concerns about climate change and, additionally, prevents exposure to the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) duty.

PEM®: Leading the CBAM Way

In the current climate of heightened environmental responsibility, PEM®, proudly announces its readiness for the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM). CBAM is a climate measure designed to address the risk of carbon leakage, ensuring equivalent carbon pricing for imports and domestic (EU) products subjected to carbon costs under the EU ETS.

Mary Ann Fleming, President of PennEngineering® EMEA, states, "At PEM® Europe, we embrace CBAM as an opportunity to further our dedication to sustainable production, fostering innovation, and contributing to a cleaner future for generations to come. We've seen and solved 80 Years of Fastening Challenges. Your Success is Our Tradition. "

By choosing PEM® products, customers are not only assured of the highest quality and reliability, but are also contributing to a sustainable and environmentally responsible future.

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About PEM®:

PEM® is a leading innovator and manufacturer of fastening solutions for industries worldwide. With a focus on precision engineering, PEM® delivers cutting-edge products that improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance reliability in manufacturing and assembly processes.


Miriam Sparrowhawk 
European Marketing Manager 
[email protected] 

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