Galway, IE 19th October 2023: PEM®, a pioneer in fastening solutions, introduces its latest innovation, the RVTBTM captivated threaded rivet bushes, designed to deliver exceptional performance in thin sheet metal applications. These rivet bushes, including PEM® RAB™, RABS™, Type RMAB™, and RMABS™, provide robust and reusable threads in ultra-thin panels, making them an ideal choice for a wide range of industries and applications.

Key Features and Benefits:

Versatile Application: Engineered to create strong, reusable threads in panels that are often too thin to be tapped. The PEM® RVTBrivet bush can be installed in materials with varying hardness, making them highly versatile.

Edge-Friendly Installation: Enables installation close to the edge of the panel without causing distortion, offering flexibility in design and assembly.

High Pushout and Torque Resistance: Thanks to their serrated shank, PEM® RVTB rivet bushes provide excellent pushout and torque resistance, ensuring reliable fastening in demanding applications.

Compact Design: For space-restricted applications, PEM® Type RMAB and RMABS mini rivet bushes offer the same performance benefits in a smaller, more compact form factor.

Wide Range of Sizes: Both round and mini-style rivet bushes are available in thread sizes ranging from M3 through M5 in both mild steel and stainless-steel variants.

Paint Compatibility: Can be installed into painted chassis materials without compromising performance.

Versatile Material Compatibility: Ability to install into laminate material and non-ductile materials makes the PEM® RVTBsuitable for a variety of industries and applications.

"The introduction of rivet bushes completes our industrial fabricator product lineup, and positions PEM® as the go-to destination for captive fasteners in thin sheet materials," according to Mary Ann Fleming, President at PEM® Europe. "They allow installation into panel materials with excessive hardness, where conventional self-clinching fasteners cannot be installed. Rivet bushes can be used for non-ferrous metals like aluminium alloy, copper, and brass or even non-metallic materials such as plastic and asbestos. Riveted joints are free from thermal after-effects because no heat is required in the joint."

Ms Fleming continues, "We take it a step further, to guarantee the joint's integrity, instilling absolute trust in the installation process when using a Haeger® and PEMSERTER® installation machine for auto-feeding. Fabricators have consistently expressed their desire for automated rivet bush installation, and we've heeded their call. In fact, we take pride in being the sole company in the market that manufactures both the rivet bush and its installation."

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About PEM®:   

PEM® is a leading innovator and manufacturer of fastening solutions for industries worldwide. With a focus on precision engineering, PEM® delivers cutting-edge products that improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance reliability in manufacturing and assembly processes.

About Haeger®:   

Haeger® is a global leader in providing highly innovative fastener insertion solutions to industries worldwide. With a steadfast commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, Haeger® empowers manufacturers to achieve their production goals with efficiency and precision. By combining advanced technology, expert knowledge, and a customer-centric approach, Haeger® continues to revolutionize the manufacturing landscape and drive industry progress.

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