You’ve been a PennEngineering® team member since 2003. How has your work evolved since then? 

I’m part of the PennEngineering® team at the Galway, Ireland global manufacturing location. I started as a Quality Technician – a great role to have as I began my career in the fastening industry. Working in the quality department and inspecting parts across many different product lines, I was able to quickly gain an understanding of all our solutions, their features, and how they function in various applications. 

For the past 15 years, I’ve held the role of Applications Engineer. I manage special fastener enquires from customers, in order to provide solutions that meet their specific requirements. One day I might be preparing technical drawings, another day I might be prototyping, sampling, or conducting performance testing. As a direct liaison with cus-tomers, onsite or virtual visits to assist our customers in developing individual fastener solutions is another critical task performed by our application engineering team. 

How do PEMedge™ services give your customers a competitive advantage ? 

The best fastening solution for a specific customer application often needs to be developed through engineering and testing. And that’s what PEMedge™ services offer – teardown service, testing service and application engineering support that can give a customer a competitive edge and improve outcomes such as process time, assembly, quality, and cost. At the core of all these value-add services is close collaboration with our customers’ design engineers. 

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