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Fastener Families

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Two varieties of standoff fasteners


Standoffs are a versatile family of fasteners designed to hold a fixed gap between two panels via some static attachment.

Two varieties of self-clinching nuts


Threaded nuts can take on many different forms to solve a variety of application challenges.

A self-clinching locating pin and threaded stud

Studs & Pins

A threaded stud is a permanent fixture with external threads which can be mated with a loose nut.

Captivated panel fasteners

Captivated Screws

Captive fasteners typically involve multiple parts, which leads to a greater specialization in features with different combinations depending on the application.

Two varieties of threaded inserts

Threaded Inserts

 Inserts for plastic implement a variety of features to create an interference fit, with knurls to resist rotation and barbs or undercuts to resist pullout.

A surface mounted, right-angle fastener and a tackpin

Specialty Fasteners

While other fastener families cover the majority of the fasteners found in industrial OEM assemblies, there are some applications that inspire specialty solutions that don’t fit into any other product category.

Attachment Technologies

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Cross-section of a self-clinching, nylon lock nut fastener

Self Clinching

This installation method minimizes loose parts like nuts and washers that otherwise would be necessary to complete a fastened joint, and installation is fast and consistent when using the proper equipment and procedure.

Cross-section of a surface-mounted standoff fastener

Surface Mounting

SMT fasteners provide cost savings over through-hole solutions with simpler features and streamlined installation – removing the need for displacement and interference features like knurls or burrs.

Cross-section of a broaching standoff fastener


Broaching technology employs a knurled shank that serves as both a pilot diameter and an anti-rotation feature.

Several vari-mount fastener combinations


Adhesives fill in the gap created by applications that aim to join dissimilar materials or exist in corrosive conditions and seal the interior from the environment.

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