The PEM® Innovations Lab is where people, technology, and big ideas come together.

As a global leader in the fastening industry, it’s our job to think smarter and find new ways to advance fastening. We have a long history of innovation and the PEM® reputation speaks for itself.

Our expert teams in engineering, manufacturing, and technical support are located around the world – pushing the envelope and collaborating with each other and with customers to bring that next big idea to life. 
Partner with PEM® and let our innovative spirit move you forward.

The Process



Meet with our team of application, mechanical and electrical engineers to discuss your biggest fastening challenges. Through discussion and discovery, we’ll begin to identify pain points and get a complete picture of your goals and project requirements.



After evaluating performance goals, assembly structure and alternative solutions, we’ll design a new and innovative fastening solution to bring greater efficiency to your application.



We’ll collaborate directly with you to take a closer look into your application and evaluate the best solutions to improving performance and reducing total installed cost over the life of your program.



Our in-house technical centers offer a full range of services, such as prototype development to full testing capabilities which are a vital part of the Innovations Lab. From FEA analysis to corrosion and plating testing, our depth of testing services ensure you consistently get the results you need.

Featured Technologies

PEM® GHOST™ Fastening Technology

Innovative PEM® GHOST™ fastening technology utilizes a fully concealed, pinch-lock mechanism to create a secure lock – with zero visible evidence of disassembly once engaged. It’s ideal for achieving tight security and sleek aesthetics and is adaptable for a wide range of applications, for everything from automotive interiors to access control systems.

Featured Technologies

PEM® eConnect™ Pin

Through close partnerships with the top industry brands, we developed PEM® eConnect™ – the world’s first current carrying fastening technology. This first-to-market innovation helps customers develop fastening solutions that solve their most challenging electrical applications. And our PEM® eConnect™ Pin is just one example of this innovative technology at work.

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