An innovative micro fastener solution that provides clamp load and is designed to replace conventional micro fastening products   

The CDS™ microPEM® ClampDisk™ micro fastener is a press-on, removable fastening solution – engineered to provide clamp load and to offer an alternative for conventional micro fasteners in consumer electronics and automotive electronics assemblies. It provides a fast, simple way to achieve sheet-to-sheet clamped attachment and can replace the use of standard screws, nuts and adhesives. 

Eliminate Your Most Common Fastening Challenges   

With the microPEM® ClampDisk™ micro fastener, you can eliminate the common challenges experienced when using traditional micro fastening products:

  • Over installation  
  • Cross-threading 
  • Stripped screw head driver  
  • Stripped screw threads 
  • Broken screws 
  • Damaged product 

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