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Most Frequently Downloaded

CL – Self-Clinching Nuts
FH – Self-Clinching Studs and Pins
K – Fasteners For Use In or With PC Boards
SO – Self-Clinching Standoffs
HB – Self-Clinching Fastener Handbook

PEM® Fasteners

Bulletin Index
Quick Product Locator
Revised 2/24/21

Bulletin ALA
Floating Self-Clinching Fasteners
Revised 12/31/17

Bulletin B
Blind Self-Clinching Fasteners
Revised 8/31/18

Bulletin CH
Concealed Head Self-Clinching Studs and Standoffs
Revised 11/30/19

Bulletin CL
Self-Clinching Nuts
Revised 5/13/21

Bulletin F
PEMSERT® Flush Self-Clinching Fasteners
Revised 8/31/18

Bulletin FE
Miniature Self-Clinching Fasteners
Revised 3/02/20

Bulletin FH
Self-Clinching Studs & Pins
Revised 5/13/20

Bulletin K
Fasteners for Use in or with PC Boards
Revised 10/21/20

Bulletin LN
Self Locking Fasteners
Revised 5/13/21

Bulletin MPF
microPEM® Fasteners
Revised 7/23/21

Bulletin PF
Captive Panel Screws
Revised 9/11/20

Bulletin RA
Right Angle Clinch Fasteners
Revised 1/31/19

Bulletin SF
SpotFast® Fasteners
Revised 2/28/18

Bulletin SFN
SFN™ Spinning Flare Nut
Revised 8/21/20

Bulletin SK
Keyhole® Self-Clinching Standoffs
Revised 8/26/21

Bulletin SO
Self-Clinching Standoffs
Revised 9/08/21

Bulletin SS
Fasteners For Use In Stainless Steel Sheets
Revised 11/12/20

Bulletin SSA
Snap-Top® Standoffs
Revised 4/29/20

Bulletin TD
Self-Clinching Cable Tie Mounts & Hooks
Revised 9/13/21

Bulletin TK™
TK™ TackSert® Pins
Revised 12/31/19

Bulletin VM
VariMount® Bonding Fasteners
Revised 2/11/21

Bulletin WN
Self-Locating Projection Weld Nuts
Revised 5/31/19

SI® Inserts For Plastic

SI Catalog
Threaded Inserts for Plastics
Revised 6/2/21

Atlas® Brand Rivet Nuts

Bulletin AE
Atlas Condensed Catalog
Revised 10/21/20

Atlas Catalog
Atlas Brand Blind Threaded Inserts
Revised 7/27/21

Bulletin Catálogo
Insertos Roscados Ciegos

Bulletin EN
Atlas Elastite™ Nut With Washer

StickScrew® System

Bulletin SST
StickScrew® Small Screw Insertion System
Revised 4/30/18

Fastener Installation Equipment

Bulletin FIE
Fastener Installation Equipment Catalog
Revised 9/08/21

Bulletin PSP_MM
PEMSERTER Series P3™ and Micro-Mate® Hand Tools
Available online only

Bulletin PSPD
In Die Feeding System

Bulletin PS
PEMSERTER Series 4 Insertion Machine
Available online only

New Products and Capabilities

Bulletin CDS™
microPEM® ClampDisk® Fastener
Revised 2/19/21

Bulletin SMTSK
SMTSK™ ReelFast® KEYHOLE® Standoffs

Bulletin STP
PEM® PreTect™ Thread Masking Plugs

Bulletin MSOFS™
MSOFS™ microPEM® Flaring Standoffs

Bulletin SMTSS
SMTSS™ ReelFast® SNAP-TOP® Standoffs

Bulletin SILF
SI® Lead-Free Inserts For Plastics

Bulletin SONP
Nickel Plated, Series 400, Stainless Steel Standoffs

Bulletin SMPP
SMPP™ Self-Clinching Nuts

Other Literature

Automotive Brochure 118
Available online only

Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

Bulletin CSI
Cost Savings Investigation
Available online only

Bulletin HB
Self-Clinching Fastener Handbook

Bulletin HFHB
Electrical Resistance of Type HFHB Studs Installed In Copper
Available online only

Bulletin NASM
Military Specifications and National Aerospace Standards
Available online only

Bulletin SMTPD
SMTRA / SMTSO Performance Data
Available online only

Bulletin Technical Cleanliness
PemEDGE™ Technical Cleanliness


Bulletin FPS
AdvancedTCA® Faceplate Fastening
Available online only

Bulletin BC
Blu-Coat™ Thread Mask
Available online only

Bulletin HDS
PEM® Heavy Duty Clinch Studs
Available online only

Bulletin LCS
PEM® Six-Lobe Heavy Duty Clinch Studs
Revised August 2009 Available online only

Bulletin MAThread®
MAThread Anti Cross-Threading
Available online only

Innovation Briefs

Standoffs For Hard Panels 515
Available online only

PEMSET™ Fastener For No Hole Installation 1013
Available online only

Self-Piercing Tooling 212
Available online only