PEM® RAB™ and RABS™ round rivet bushes provide strong reusable threads in panels too thin to be tapped. They can be installed into any material hardness in sheets as thin as 0.5 mm, and can be installed closer to the edge with no panel distortion. They can be easily installed on a Haeger® or PEMSERTER® machine and offer high pushout and torque resistance thanks to their serrated shank.

PEM® Type RMAB™ and RMABS™ mini rivet bushes work in the same way as the round type, but have smaller body dimensions for applications where space is restricted.

Both the round and mini style rivet bushes are available in thread sizes from M3 though M5 in mild steel and stainless steel.

  • Torque-resistant and capable of withstanding loads applied from both sides.
  • Can be installed into any material hardness.
  • Can be installed close to the edge with no panel distortion.
  • Can be installed in painted chassis materials.
  • High pushout performance.
  • Custom-designed in a wide range of sizes and profiles
  • Can be installed into laminate material and non-ductile materials.

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