824 MSPE

Haeger® 824 MSPe

824 MSPE

Haeger® 824 MSPe

The 824 MSP is fully hydraulic, 8 ton of force, 24" throat depthand is powered either by 208, 220, 380, or 480 three phase. The options available are hand crank, auto feed, and Laser Light. The 824 MSP is best suited for mid to high volume parts with fasteners up to 0616 ( M10 ) in mild steel and 0516 ( M6 ) in stainless. This machine is also good for soft aluminum parts with the positive stop feature where force required is less than 1,000 lbs. The 824 MSP also has a 4 station lower turret where you can insert 1 fastener automatically and three different fasteners manually allowing you to get the benefit of single part handling. Single Part Handling allows you to increase your process flow by inserting four different all with their own pressure settings and only handle the part once. This feature eliminates the bottle neck.

Features and Benefits:

  • Positive Stop System
  • Modular Auto feed System
  • Batch Counter
  • Built-in TPS Controls
  • Tooling Rack


Clinching Capability
22 gage to 11 gage Steel (1mm to 6mm) combined thickness
Electric Requirements
208 to 575V 3 phase – 50 or 60 Hz
Footprint Dimensions_mm
1499 x 966 x 2388mm
Force Range – note
Optional 20,000 lbs. (90kN) modification available
Force Range_kN
3.6 to 72
Force Range_lbs
800 to 16000
Oil Tank Reservoir_gal
Oil Tank Reservoir_L
up to 2000 insertions per hour
Product Category
Haeger® 824 MSPe
Fastener Range_mm
M2 to M10mm
+/- 2% of force setting
Product Type
Installation Equipment
Technology Type
Installation Technology
Stroke Length_in
0 to 8.5in
Stroke Length_mm
0 to 220mm
Throat Depth_in
Throat Depth_mm


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