Reduce Weight.
Reduce Assembly Time. Reduce Cost.

PEMedge® Teardown Service is our free fastener analysis program that can uncover new ways to improve the price and performance of your current products.

At no cost to you, we’ll disassemble and analyze your product — exploring alternative fastening solutions and recommending improvements that can be made to cost, strength, weight, thickness, technical cleanliness, aesthetics, ease of use, and more.

Product Types

What Types of Products Can You Tear Down?

Consumer Electronics

Smartphones, computers, gaming consoles, home automation systems

Automotive Electronics

Cameras, infotainment systems, electric vehicle chargers


Servers, rack systems, phone/cable accessories, security cameras

Other Applications

Vehicles, industrial machinery, recreational equipment


Where is Teardown Service Available?

We offer teardown service locations throughout North America, Europe and Asia. For more information, contact your local PEM® representative or email us.

Request a Teardown Service

By analyzing current product design and assembly
trends and identifying alternative fastening solutions, PEMedge® Teardown Service can reveal where cost savings and other efficiencies lie within your product’s assembly.

  • Less hardware
  • More compact design
  • Lighter weight components
  • Streamlined, faster assembly
  • Cleaner assembly/disassembly
  • Cost savings

"PEMedge® Teardown Service proved to be an incredibly valuable resource for us. By breaking down and examining the current assembly of our product, the PEM® teardown team was able to suggest new fastening alternatives that not only cut time for our assembly process but also delivered significant long-term cost savings.”

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